Honda CMX 500 Slipon Muffler | Ceramic Black – 2017+


VEREX Tasmania Honda CMX 500 Slipon Muffler in Black Ceramic.

Suits all year models 2017+.

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Honda CMX 500 Slipon Muffler | Ceramic Black – 2017+

The VEREX Slip-On is the best way to get a great sound out of your CMX500. Designed to fit all year models of the CMX500, the Slip-On Muffler is a simple upgrade that can be installed in minutes with basic tools. Coated with a heat resistant Ceramic Black coating to match the original colours of the bike, and provided with a high quality Tridon clamp for fitment. This aftermarket exhaust changes made to the emissions of the bike, with factory headers and catalyser retained.


VEREX’s Aftermarket Slipon Muffler for HONDA CMX 500

  • Produced and Designed at VEREX in Tasmania, Australia.
  • 2KG total weight.
  • Durable Black Ceramic coating by Ceramic Coatings Tasmania.
  • Hand Welded | Hand Polished

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 15 cm


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