Thanks for visiting VEREX. If you’re here you probably enjoy motorcycles just as much as we do, and we appreciate the support of the Australian made motorcycle exhaust industry. As a teenager, my first bike was a Honda CB250T, and I haven’t stopped since. Located just outside Hobart in picturesque Tasmania, we’re lucky enough to have some of the best riding roads in the world. 

I started VEREX out of my passion for working on bikes, and have been lucky enough to have people recognise and appreciate what we make here. Making and exhaust from scratch is hard work. We greatly enjoy it when customers drop by to see the shop in its current form, and the team are always happy to have a chat. You’re more than welcome to stop by if you find yourself near us.  

The photo above was taken back in 2016, not long after we purchased our CSM mandrel bender (more on that below). As we have grown the workshop has evolved, with more space for employees and our increasing variety of products. I’ve had the opportunity to bring other bike lovers into the business, and our dedication and passion for anything motorbikes is foremost here. Passing on the necessary skills and expertise in making a quality motorcycle exhaust has been one of the greatest pleasures of this runaway passion project. 

I have, over the years, built up experience in various kinds of manufacturing and industrial maintenance. I worked as a manager at the renowned Australian exhaust manufacturer over 30 years ago, and have since spent time building parts for myself and friends. I started out helping people who attended our local track day meetings, making repairs or building parts. I registered the business name VEREX and started out making systems for the new crop of water-cooled modern classic bikes from Triumph, with exhausts that remind you that you’re riding an awesome machine. 

An Australian Made Motorcycle Exhaust

We work primarily in high-quality stainless steel which we source locally. Everything comes to the workshop as raw material and goes through many processes to become the final products you see on this website. When we have to buy parts we always try to source from local or Australian suppliers. Keeping manufacturing alive in Australia is at the core of our business, just as the people who choose to purchase an Australian made motorcycle exhaust are what keeps us going. 

Since VEREX started we have exported parts to over 44 countries, with interest and recognition coming from across the globe. We work closely with local dealers and tuners to design and produce real-world, usable systems. We are proud to offer VEREX exhausts as a brand you can trust to supply high-quality parts that will stand the test of time. 

Built to Precision – Mandrel Bending 

The fit and finish that we expect of ourselves would not be possible without precision parts. Mandrel bending is a big part of the reason we can make the clean consistent headers and link pipes that we do. 

Our investment of time and tooling give us everything we need to make unique systems with no compromises. 

I considered outsourcing the bending to get us off the ground, but the accuracy required for an exhaust does not allow that. Is it out by a couple of degrees? Well, it just won’t fit. 

If you would like to find out more about Mandrel Bending check out Mandrel Bending Tasmania.  

Have any questions for us, would would like to see how we can help you? Contact Us.