The VEREX Story

Man working on designing Australian made exhaust systems

VEREX is a family business out of Kaoota, Tasmania. Riding and working on bikes has been a passion for Paul for many years. A part of the local riding community enjoying the fabulous riding across the Apple Isle, Paul started producing exhausts for himself and friends at local track days. 

After spending time working for a renowned Australian exhaust manufacturer in New South Wales Paul returned to Tasmania. Shifting gears from his local engineering business, VEREX was born. Always happy to have a cup of tea and a chat about anything on two wheels, the workshop is a haven for motorcycle lovers.

Built To Precision - Mandrel Bender

The CSM mandrel tube bender entered the workshop in 2017 and has been an essential tool for consistently making more specialised header systems. The bender allows VEREX to make systems that fit the exact contours of your bike, in a way that looks best for the bike, and not what is easier to make. 

VEREX has invested in a wide range of forming die so that the correct size and shape can be chosen for the application. 

The mandrel, which can be seen in the top of the picture above, is placed inside the tube before the tube is drawn around the metal forming die, which can be seen under the left end of the formed tube. At the point known as the tangent line, the metal of the tube becomes molten, as it is pulled around the forming die. 

The result? An even, clean, finish to the tube that other production methods cannot match. 

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