Where it all Began: Nuda 900R

This is where it all started. This is Verex’s inaugural exhaust system that started the adventure. The stock system on the 2009 Nuda 900R is no slouch, the electronically controlled baffle in the stock system helps with a bit of low end grunt but really didn’t let it breathe at the top end. I knew I wanted to bring out the character of the unique 315 degree offset crank, and give a Harley a run for its money in more than just speed. 

I spent some time mocking up some custom downpipes. Positioning them to cross and follow the lines of the bike was difficult, but I have seen it done on other systems.   I have seen that aftermarket systems usually hug the contours of the bike a bit more closely than the stock pipes. And with good reason, my son has scraped his pipes on the tarmac more than once on his own 900. The mandrel tube bender (you can find out more on the About page) hadn’t yet ‘appeared’ in the workshop, and this was a one off anyway, so it was more of a Friday night with a cold beverage kinda job.

These exhausts, however, are pretty unique. The outer was rolled from whats left of the old family computer, in what I would call a good display of resourcefulness. These days we have the barrel sheets laser cut from high grade stainless, but sometimes you have got to work with what you got. They have a mesh baffle throughout but unlike most of my systems since, they don’t have any fibreglass packing inside. This really gives the system a loud crack you wouldn’t expect. I had them ceramic coated to match the sleek lines of the bike.

Going from a 2 into 1, to a two into one – into two, was a small hassle. The pillion pegs were sacrificed and became the new mounting points. I wasn’t intending to go slow enough to warrant them anymore! And its pretty hard to miss me coming out of the sweeper at Baskerville.